Recap Life: Season 2, Episode 18 - 3 Women

Crews shows Ted the picture that was found on Rayborn's computer of Reese on Mickey Rayborn's boat. Ted suggests it could be fake, but Crews had it analyzed. It's real. Ted asks what he's going to do. "Go to work," Crews says. At work, Crews fights ex-con John Flowers in a freight elevator. As they fight, they compare their prison time. Crews gets Flowers at knifepoint and says he has a dead woman's blood on his boots. Flowers acknowledges it. The elevator reaches the lobby where an attractive woman stands, gun drawn. It's Crews' new partner, Detective Jane Seever. Flowers asks Crews if he wants to trade places.

In her apartment, Sally Murdoch lies bludgeoned to death by a golf club. Crews and Seever discuss why he chased Flowers and get off to an awkward start. They start over. Seever is honored to meet Crews. Crews tells Seever he already has a partner, two in fact. She knows, having done her homework. Crews learns she's ambitious, with a 15-year plan to become mayor of Los Angeles. First law school, then detective. If things go right, chief of police, then mayor. When she says she got sidetracked for a few years, Crews asks if she went through a dark time. Not even close. She was an Olympian on the track relay team.

At the station, Crews and Seever interrogate Flowers, who served a long prison sentence for a jewelry store robbery. Flowers admits having Sally's blood on him and running, but says she was dead when he got there. And, that he was invited into her home. They met when she wrote him in prison, and then started seeing each other when he got out. Flowers says he was at the movies last night. Crews asks Seever to talk to him outside, only to close the door behind her when she leaves.

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Aug 28, 2012 8:01AM EDT

So now it's all about who had it bad in prison pelican bay vs Culver city, will Reese e mole or the FBI.

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