Recap Life: Season 2, Episode 20 - Initiative 38

Howard Amis, a top political campaign manager, is worried that his wife Lisa, who is a California State Assemblywoman, is missing. Desperate to find her, he called in a favor to the mayor of Los Angeles, who put Crews and Seever on the job. Upon his return from a last-minute business trip, Howard became concerned when he saw his wife's car at home and learned she wasn't in her office. Seever, who has mayoral aspirations, is thrilled to be in the presence of the political powerhouse. Howard says her friends haven't seen her; her phone goes to voicemail and when asked, he dismisses the possibility of an affair.

Crews notices cat food asks where the cat is. Howard hasn't seen Luther, who he says is his wife's cat, but wasn't looking for him. Crews looks outside and sees Luther sitting on the cover of their hot tub. In the back yard, Crews asks Howard to call his wife's phone. When he does, it rings and they find it by the tub next to a towel and her flip flops. When they unlatch the cover and remove it, they discover Lisa inside, dead of four gunshot wounds to the chest. Howard stands there stunned.

Crews and Seever speculate that the killer, cloaked by the sound of the water jets, easily snuck up on Lisa and masked the sound of the gun by firing it under water. Then, he escaped over the fence. When they ask Howard if anyone would want to kill his wife, he thinks and then says, "Yes. Initiative 38." At Lisa's office, they learn from her assistant Ella Holden that Lisa was spearheading an initiative that would ban handguns. Ella, seeing an opportunity, wants to release a list of suspects, namely P&K Firearms, to help the initiative. Crews says no.

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Aug 28, 2012 10:31AM EDT

Finally the final episode will be all about the mystery lets see how it ends.

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