The Mentalist: Season 2 Episode 1: "Redemption"

The show starts with a murder that occurred in the department store. Jane and Lisbon arrive at the scene and as expected, Jane starts his "investigation". He eventually interviews all the witnesses to the crime and treats each one of them as a possible suspect. He settles for a woman (who seems not too pleased to be treated as such) as the suspect and does his "human-compass" detection skills to find the murder weapon. He eventually leads the group to a glass figure with the victim's blood on it and also lures out the real suspect, an store employee. Jane then concludes that the victim was probably the lover of the employee's wife. The store employee realizing his guilt, tries to outrun the police and ultimately gets shot. At the headquarters, Minelli is infuriated with the outcome. He scolds the two and swipes away their hold on the RED JOHN case, and gives it to Lisbon's old partner, Sam Bosco.They are then redirected to another case about a woman shot at some motel room.

The first episode of the second season wasn't exactly how I would have wanted it to turn out. It was a fairly okay beginning. I found it mildly entertaining with the way Jane lured the suspect to fessing up. The move Minelli did to the RED JOHN case and giving it to a stuck up agent was probably the shows way of conjuring up another obstacle for Jane. The case that the whole episode was centered on was good. It had a nice twist at the end wherein the killer was the foundation head and that the woman wasn't entirely as vile as her daughter thought she was. It had a bittersweet end when the family saw the last video their mom made for them where she explained the whole incident.

In all its entirety, the first episode wasn't as strong as I hoped it to be. It had a good premise, introducing a brand new character-to-hate, aka Sam Bosco and a brand new challenge for our main character: to get those files from Bosco.

Well, it is brand new season. Hopefully, in the next few episodes, we will see character development, deeper relationships, and more RED JOHN.


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