The Mentalist: Season 2 Episode 2: "The Scarlet Letter"

Second episode of the second season. Again the show is probably trying to find its footing... trying to put the characters in places they might thrive in or fumble out. There's a bit of character development in this episode. The team has finally emerged out of its shell. I mean there are only 4 people in the team excluding Jane since technically he is not an agent, just a "consultant". We finally see Van Pelt doing her thing as an interrogator; Rigsby and Cho betting on who is the suspect. We also see the second round of the "Bosco-Jane" battle royale, as the latter still try his best to weasel his way in and know more about the RED JOHN case while Bosco is still trying to be a pushover and stubborn agent.

This time our focus is on the Senate. Something definitely new to the show. As usual, we have our own set of possible suspects and Jane does his thing by narrowing it down. The great thing about this episode was the good twist at the ending. I didn't even see it coming. I thought it was the Senator's father who did it, thinking that they had a relationship with the victim. It turns out, however, that it was in fact the Senator who actually did it and --wait for it--- the Senator was actual a lesbian who also had a relationship with the victim. The husband was just someone getting paid to pose as such. Something that I also liked in the show was the planting of a "MOLE" inside the headquarters. The weirdest thing about the whole situation was the fact that the whole team never even thought about it nor even figured it out until Jane spotted the bug. Weird thing to not spot for a team of really skilled officers, including Van Pelt a computer whiz.

Despite, the lack in actual progress with the main character's goals: to catch RJ, the episode was still entertaining to say the least. It was also nice to see a side of Jane that showed how much he wanted to grab hold of those files or at least be in-the-know regarding the RJ case. He gets the bug and plants it in Bosco's office. This apparently tells the audience just how desperate he is to tracking down the man responsible for killing his family.


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