Somewhere - Review

DADDY-DAUGHTER DAY Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning have some leisure time in Somewhere

As Johnny Marco, the dissolute, sexy, deeply lost Hollywood movie star at the center of Sofia Coppola's Somewhere, Stephen Dorff finally has a role tailored to what an ace actor he can be. Johnny, hopping beds and limousines, slinks through his days like a passive snake, going wherever he's told, from a cretinous press junket to a makeup session in which his head gets slathered in latex. As long as he shows up, spewing monosyllables in a hungover daze, he's adored by everyone. Without even trying, he knows how to play the role of a too-cool-for-school screen idol. At times, Somewhere is likeEntourage minus the entourage, except that Coppola works in very slow deadpan exploratory takes, putting the film world — publicists, groupies, the sleaze-chic culture of the Chateau Marmont, where Johnny lives — under a behavioral microscope.

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