'Human Target' 2.07: 'A Problem Like Maria' Advance Review - Starpulse

If you didn't guess it from the title, "A Problem Like Maria" involves the return of Chance's ex-flame Maria (Leonor Varela), last seen in "Salvage & Reclamation." She needs his help dealing with a South American dictator who's kidnapped a friend. (Not unlike the general premise of "The Return of Baptiste.") If anything, this episode shows us that Chance shouldn't date. Normal women can't figure him out, Ilsa complains that he's late for a scheduled business meeting, and Maria is as abrasive as ever;  she still doesn't quite pop with him (which makes it all the weirder that they're making out by the end of the teaser). My opinion of her actually worsens this episode, as she continues to prove that she has little ethics when it comes to personal relationships. It's a little too much of a coincidence that Maria's kidnapped friend happens to be someone Ilsa worked with, but I'll call it dramatic license. I just hope it's the last we see of Maria. She goes from someone I was apathetic about to someone I honestly don't like.

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