Recap My Own Worst Enemy: Season 1, Episode 2 - The Hummingbird

Tony is explaining to Edward what appears to have gone wrong with the switch in his head when Mavis walks in and assures Edward that Tony, Raymond and she are the only ones that know about his 'situation.' Edward and Raymond are then sent to Berlin on a mission to kidnap a German software engineer.

In the car with Raymond in Germany, Edward lets him know that just before Henry wakes up, he gets a feeling of anxiety - he says this as a warning. Edward then goes to sleep; Henry wakes up with Raymond in Berlin. Back at Janus, Trumbull, the boss, lets 'Edward' know that he disappointed them in Paris and expects more this time. However, Trumbull is unaware that he is speaking to Henry.

Mavis tells Henry that he must now interrogate the German software engineer as Edward; Trumbull is watching him. Mavis gives Henry an earpiece so she can talk him through it. She feeds him information in German and English. Henry is then instructed to open a box containing large needles with poison. Henry takes a moment to breathe and leaves the room before doing anything.

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