Recap My Own Worst Enemy: Season 1, Episode 3 - Hello Henry

Henry discovers that Rafe Castle, his doctor friend, has been killed. Knowing who was responsible for Rafe's death, Henry runs to his car and records a message for Edward on his phone. In a return message, Edward lets Henry know that he can't talk about Janus to anyone and that ultimately he is responsible for Rafe's death. As soon as Henry went to see him and mentioned the chip in his head, Rafe had seen and heard too much.

Angie brings the newspaper into Henry's home office to show him the front page article about Rafe's death. She is shocked and concerned, as Henry had just gone to see him. In a session with Dr. Skinner, Henry opens up about Rafe's murder. He lets Dr. Skinner know that he thinks he knows who killed Rafe, but that the murderer is close to him. Dr. Skinner assures him that she is there to protect him. When Henry gets home that afternoon, Angie asks for his help with their broken refrigerator and reminds him to take Ruthy dress shopping for a friend's party.

While Henry takes out the trash, his dog greets a passerby. This man introduces himself as an FBI agent and tells Henry he wants information on the company he works for. Not AJ Sun - the other one. He then shows Henry a business card and asks him to memorize the number. He instructs Henry to call if he remembers anything.

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