Recap My Own Worst Enemy: Season 1, Episode 5 - The Night Train to Moscow

Edward and Norah spend time at his apartment getting ready for the day ahead. Edward heads out to pick up Henry's daughter for soccer practice. On his way, Henry wakes up and sees Angie walking on the street. When he calls and asks her where she is, she lies, telling him she is at the dentist's office.

Henry picks up Ruthy at the house for practice. He finds her looking through old photos from his college days. Henry's ex-girlfriend Sarah was Angie's roommate. Sarah died in a car accident. Picking up what Ruthy was looking at, Henry finds a photo with a hidden code. Later that day, Angie teaches Jack to cook in the kitchen. Henry is uncertain of his family, of Angie's loyalty. He wonders what is real.

In therapy, Henry asks Norah if Angie is a spy. Looking for answers to the hidden code on the photo, Henry picks up a book on solving codes. Arlene sends Tom and Henry down to Janus for their next mission.

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