Recap My Own Worst Enemy: Season 1, Episode 6 - High Crimes and Turducken

Henry wakes up in a strange land. He is located in Morocco on what he finds out in a video message from Edward is an 'off company' mission. Henry meets Edward's contact as he was instructed via video message, but just before Henry can pass on the item found in his pocket, the contact is shot dead. Henry finds Raymond on the rooftop now aiming for him. Henry, wearing traditional Moroccan attire, has his face covered and is not identifiable from a distance. He ducks into the crowd to escape Raymond.

24 hours earlier, Edward reads an encrypted letter in his home office. He tells Angie, who is awaiting her father's arrival for the Thanksgiving holiday that he has to go out for a bit.

Edward meets his contact on a park bench. In exchange for the name of Edward's parent's killers, he is asking for Edward to provide him with useful information. Edward refuses to betray his county. Before his contact leaves, he tells Edward to read the magazine he has left on the park bench.

Edward remains in the park, opens the magazine to find a file on his parent's death including newspaper clippings of their car crash. Back at the Spivey's, Mary brings over the Thanksgiving turkey hoping Angie can help with it this year since she and Tom are going through a rough period. Angie is encouraging Mary to try and reconcile with Tom.

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