Recap My Own Worst Enemy: Season 1, Episode 8 - Love In All The Wrong Places

Henry is being held in Angola as a prisoner. He has been chosen to be executed as a demonstration of their power.

Trumball is briefing Raymond and Edward in the war room on the mission details for Angola. As directed by Mavis and Trumball, if the mission goes south they were never there, if it's a success then they turn over the leader, a general, to the international court for crimes against humanity.

Raymond and Edward are successful in their capture. On the way out of the compound, Edward is flagged down by an American citizen being held captive, a man named DeSantos. Before Edward can escape, he is pinned in the courtyard by armed guards, but Raymond manages to get him out.

It's quiet in the Spivey household with the exception of a growling dog. Angie takes the opportunity to tell Henry that she wants another child. Edward, as Henry, is surprised by this decision. However, Angie reminds him that it was his idea in the first place.

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