Recap My Own Worst Enemy: Season 1, Episode 9 - Henry And The Terrible...Day

Edward is in Hungary on a mission tracking their former defense minister who is selling Russian Weapons on the black market. Back at Janus, Tony IDs the buyer as a man named Daniel Shaw and ex-agent for the Department of Defense. While in the middle of recon, Henry wakes up.

Mavis is trying to recap the mission for Henry without alerting Trumball to something suspicious. Shaw spots Henry following him, pulls out his gun and shoots him.

Henry is in an ice bath. Shaw wants to know who he is working for. With Henry unresponsive, Shaw pours boiling hot water onto him hoping to get a response. Henry won't give it up. Shaw decides he's not worth the effort and drops the hotplate into the ice bath to electrocute him. However, instead of dying, Edward wakes up.

Edward calls in to Mavis to provide an update. In doing so, Edward tells Mavis he thinks he knows how the switch between he and Henry can be fixed. Upon return to Janus, Edward fills Mavis and Tony in. He was switched while being electrocuted, same when Mavis used the defibrillator on Henry. He thinks that is the key.

Raymond is in Boston on business. He is with clients at a strip club. There he is recognized as Raymond by another patron, who asks the bartender to see his ID once Raymond walks away.

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