CAPRICA Final Five Episode Spoilers

Check out a few minor spoilers of the final episodes of the SyFy Series CAPRICA which airs Tuesday January 4 starting at 6/5c on Syfy.

Episode Synopsis:

CAPRICA "Blowback" Episode 14 – Amanda tries to get more information from Clarice, but can’t get close enough. In order to provide her with the equipment to do so, Duram would have to give her up as his CI, a dangerous confession given the possible leak within the department.

CAPRICA "The Dirteaters" Episode 15 – As the Adama brothers rise to new positions in the Ha’la’tha, they are haunted by the mission of their late parents and the different direction the Guatrau is taking them. Daniel hopes to use this with Sam by offering Cylons for Tauron, in exchange for refraining to carry out the ordered hit.

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