'Desperate Housewives' recap: Wisteria Lane Whodunit

Who shot Paul Young? That query may not have quite the intrigue of the extremely famous "Who shot J.R.?" question brought to the masses on Dallas in the 1980s, but it's the conundrum we're currently working through on Desperate Housewives. Last night's episode explored that, as well as other fallout from December's insane disaster episode, including the state of Susan's injury (the producers somehow managed to make her even more tragic than she already was!) and Renee's big confession to Lynette. The Grace drama in the Solis household also continued to drag on, and there was a totally unnecessary bonus: Orson returned to screw things up between Keith and Bree! The year is off with a bang on Wisteria Lane!

First, let's start with the Paul Young issue. Who did shoot him? It's a good question. At the beginning of the episode, we viewers were led to believe that Felicia Tilman somehow orchestrated the attempted assassination from prison. Felicia's daughter (and Paul's wife) Beth arrived at the prison to talk to her about how she pulled it off, but Felicia denied having anything to do with it. And hark, here's where Mike Delfino returns to the Desperate fray after his Alaskan exile—Felicia immediately called him to thank him for unexpectedly trying to take out Paul. (Umm, these two are in touch? Bizarre.) "Somebody’s been a naughty boy," she told him via a clean cell phone she got from a corrupt prison guard. "I guess you changed your mind about that proposal I made. Don’t get me wrong. I’m thrilled. I just wish you had waited until I gave you the signal." But, not so fast! Mike claimed he didn't do it.

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