Desperate Housewives 7.11 "Assassins" Review

Well, that was a twist. Sort of.

After a short hiatus, Desperate Housewives returned to answer the question left on the minds of fans after the conclusion of the last episode before the winter break: Who Shot Paul Young?

Did we find out who it was? Nope. Although, we were thrown a lot of red herrings and the semi-twist mentioned at the start of this review. Meanwhile, the five main ladies dealt with their own issues this week as Things of Old returned and bit each woman in the behind with the fervor of a rabid dog.

Red Herrings, Red Herrings Everywhere...

As mentioned above, Paul Young's shooter was hinted at but eventually ended up being several red herrings by the end of the night with no culprit (savior?) in sight. At first glance, you thought it was Beth, who went to visit Felicia, thinking it was her behind the job. Felicia played dumb, but called her source on the street, who revealed themselves to be Mike Delfino. For the rest of the hour, it looked as if Mike was the man who pulled the trigger - but he wasn't. So, we are still left without an answer to who shot Paul Young, but that could be a good thing. The 'Who Shot J.R.?' mystery of Dallas wasn't immediately solved right away, playing for several weeks until the perp was revealed. Maybe DH will do the same thing, but to do so they must be pretty crafty with it and not turn it into a bore.

Meanwhile, the two latest unlucky detectives assigned to Paul's case have a lot on their hands. After realizing that all of the neighbors on the lane have a motive (in a pretty well-structured montage scene), the two detectives pick up on Beth's quirkiness when asked if she knew about anyone with ill intent to harm Paul. After some digging into Beth's past (which wasn't hidden well), Paul is informed of the connection between Beth and Felicia Tillman. With this revelation out in the open, one must wonder which will be put into motion first: the reveal of Paul's shooter or Paul's attempt to kill off Beth?


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