Recap Days of Our Lives: 10/07/2010

Melanie confronts Nathan about Chloe's cheating on Daniel. Nathan has no choice but to say it's true. Melanie can't believe he wouldn't tell her or Daniel the truth, but Nathan states it was none of his business and that it was up to Chloe to deal with â€" not him. Melanie doesn't care and she tells Nathan she hates him. At the same time, Daniel praises a guilty Philip for his devotion and friendship to Chloe. He was there for her in dark times and Philip notes it only made Chloe's love for Daniel stronger. Meanwhile, Chloe is prattling on to Nicole about how she wants to be friends with Melanie, but Nicole warns that Melanie will always be her daddy's little girl. Chloe understands and the two friends wish each other well. Later, Nathan asks Melanie what she's going to do and she tells Nathan she has no choice but to stop the wedding. Stephanie arrives and Melanie tells Stephanie she knows about everything and that she deserves better than Nathan. Later, Daniel realizes he has to make a stop at home, and Chloe opens the door to Melanie, who slaps her.

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