Recap Days of Our Lives: 10/08/2010

EJ tells Stefano he is going to use Arianna to find proof that either Will or Sami shot him. Later, EJ tells Arianna that Stefano suspects Sami or Will and is afraid what his father will do to them. He needs to protect them by discovering the truth for himself. Arianna agrees to help. At Lexie's urging, Sami visits EJ. EJ tries to manipulate her into confessing she shot him, but she pulls back at the last minute and goes. Frustrated, EJ tells Stefano he needs Arianna more than ever. Sami finds Arianna questioning Will about his alibi and kicks her out, and warns Will that Arianna can't be trusted. 

Daniel is prevented from rushing home first by Dr. Ben Walters, who wants to talk about EJ's status. After that, Daniel is halted by Carly, who gives him a wedding gift. She's grateful that he forgave her for keeping Melanie's existence a secret. Daniel is touched, and makes her promise to always be a part of his, Melanie, and Chloe's family. Carly agrees and they share a platonic hug.

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