Recap Days of Our Lives: 10/11/2010

Melanie realizes Chloe's telling the truth â€" that Carly helped cover up her affair. Melanie seeks out her mother and blasts her for lying once again. A devastated Carly urges her not to tell Daniel the truth, but Melanie says she's not going to be a liar like Carly. Meanwhile, Chloe calls Philip and tells him Melanie knows she cheated. He covers in front of Daniel and rushes to Chloe, who emotionally explains all. She promises she'll never reveal that he was the other man. Philip says he'll convince Melanie not to tell Daniel. 

Daniel threatens to un-invite Victor to his wedding if Vic can't support his marriage to Chloe. Victor can't help feeling that Chloe is no Rebecca, and while Daniel still respects his love for his late wife, he professes his profound love for Chloe. Victor then gives Daniel a wedding present that's been in the Kiriakis family for generations and wishes Daniel and Chloe many years of happiness.

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