Recap Third Watch: Season 4, Episode 6 - Judgement Day Part 2

Third Watch Season 4 Episode 6 - Judgement Day (2)

The FDNY are still putting the fire out at Sully's apartment. Sully is in shock and just sits staring at the bodybag.

Fred is watching Faith sleep until she wakes panicking as to where he is and sees him with the Bible on his lap. Faith: I don't think I've ever known anybody that's read every single page. Fred: So much of it's still relevant today, it's hard to believe its thousands of years old. Faith: Maybe I'll read it, when you're through. Faith tells him that she was going to try and get another day off work but he says to save them for when they really need them. She tells him not to do anything strenuous other than his reading. She tries to go back to sleep. Fred: She's not really mad at you, you know. Faith: (Cries) I can handle her, ok. Fred: I can help. (See previous episode).

Davies comes with an umbrella and sits next to Sully and shares it with him. Davies tells him that he can stay with him and Carlos. Sully says no but Davies insists. Sully: When I came round the corner and saw the fireā€¦I thought she'd started it to punish me. I was mad at her. She's dead and I still don't trust her. Davies: Come to my place, alright. Let's go. Sully: No I have to go. We see the mortuary division pick her up and Sully goes to ride along with her, while Davies is left on the street.

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