Season 5 SPOILERS....

Episode 5-3 "Kids Ain't Like Everybody Else" October 12

Written by Joe Keenan; directed by Bethany Rooney

Welcome back Danielle (Joy Lauren)! She returns to Fairview with a husband (Andrew Leeds) and her son . . . Benjamin! Danielle worries that Bree is going to take him back, and she's not fooled by her mother's smile. Bree's not happy to learn that Danielle and Benjamin are now vegetarians. Later, while at the park with Benjamin, Bree shows him a picture of a young Danielle eating a hot dog. She tells Benjamin that easting hot dogs makes little boys grow up big and strong. She gives him a hot dog but makes him promise not to tell his mother.

Gabrielle and Carlos consider selling their Aston Martin to a young, rich Middle Eastern couple. Gabrielle has a problem with how low Carlos is willing to price the car.

When Gabrielle's daughter and Susan's son get into a disagreement over a whistle, their mothers become involved, and a catfight breaks out between Gabrielle and Susan. Gale Harold appears as Jackson.

Edie joins Mrs. McCluskey and Katherine at lunch; the women want more info from Edie about Dave. However, Mrs. McCluskey is not as subtle as Katherine would like in asking Edie about Dave.

Lynette wants Tom to throw out his old things; instead, he forms a garage band with Dave. Is their marriage in trouble?

Episode 5-4 "Back in Business" October 19

Written by John Pardee and Joey Murphy; directed by Scott Ellis

The women are envious of Bree's success.

Mike and Susan attend Parents Night at MJ's school. MJ drew a picture of Susan and Jackson, and he informs his teacher that Jackson sometimes sleeps over. MJ's teacher, Ms. Butters, was Porter's and Preston's teacher in season 1, and she's played by Mary Pat Gleason again. MJ's picture leads Mike to fear he's not a part of his son's life. Susan teaches MJ how to fall when riding a bike.

Gabrielle comes up with a plan to have more sex with Carlos. Juanita sees Carlos and Gabrielle having sex, and they're forced to explain to their daughter what's going on. But when Juanita tells one of her friends at a play date, her friend's mom isn't happy about this. Carlos and Gabrielle sit down with the parents and talk things over. All is well til Carlos accidentally reveals to Juanita's friend the truth about Santa Claus.

Tom and a bandmate have a third guy audition to join the band. The band includes Tom on bass; Dave as the drummer, Orson on the keyboard, and Mike singing and playing guitar.

We'll learn more about why Dave moved to Wisteria Lane.

Lynette helps with Bree's marketing plan, despite not being asked to do so, as she longs for the days when she was an ad executive. Stu (Charlie Babcock), who Lynette worked with in season 2, returns.

Episode 5-5 "Mirror, Mirror" October 26

Dave convinces Susan to throw Mrs.McCluskey a surprise party, but his reasons are anything but nice. After her 70th birthday party, Mrs. McCluskey is wheeled into an ambulance. She tells an EMT that Dave was responsible for what happened, as he knows she knows he's up to no good. The EMT thinks she's delirious. Everyone on Wisteria Lane will be questioning Mrs. McCluskey's sanity.

This episode consists largely of flashbacks to the important moments in the past five years of the women.

Before Susan can sign her divorce papers, she wants to talk to Mike in private. Jackson hopes to take his relationship with Susan to the next level.

Lynette rushes to the hospital where she learns Tom received a massive electric shock at his restaurant. His heart stopped but was revived; will there be tissue damage? Lynette learns Tom sold the pizzeria.

Gaby's worried she may be pregnant.

We learn a surprising reason for the bond between Bree and Katherine.

Tuc Watkins and Kevin Rahm guest star as Bob and Lee.

Episode 5-6

While he's giving an older woman (Frances Conroy) a massage, Carlos accidentally gives her an orgasm. He confides in another ma


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