MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE “And Then the Bill Comes” Review

MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE "And Then the Bill Comes" Season 2 Episode 5 - Everyone must pay, one way or another, in the "And Then the Bill Comes" episode of MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE that shows us the guys’ potential paths and their dangers.

Terry’s making good money selling cars and he decides to enjoy it. Huge TV, huge candy bars for trick or treaters–you name it. Unfortunately, money can’t buy his brother’s respect or a reprieve from self-doubt, two things Terry needs much more than new sneakers. On the surface, Terry’s storyline seems to have lower stakes than Joe’s gambling addiction or Owen’s attempt to wrest full control of Thoreau from his father, but there is so much emotional weight here. Is being a salesman and dating Erin (more Melinda McGraw, please) just another phase for Terry or is it the real? Will his brother’s casual dismissal shred his ego enough to send Terry back to auditions and younger women or is Terry stronger than that? His brother has every right to doubt and he clearly doesn’t need Terry’s money, but I wish he had looked closer and seen how much Terry needed to give it to him. Scott Bakula does so much with a single look or gesture. His acting is subtle but powerful, much like the writing for his character.

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