PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “Moments Later” Review

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS "Moments Later" Season 1Episode11 –After what seemed like forever, the girls are back and, thankfully, it is all of them. Despite a broken leg, broken ankle and perhaps minus a spleen, Hanna is holding up rather well. Unfortunately, we are no closer to knowing who "A" is than we were midseason. The usual suspect, Toby, has been ruled out as he was in police custody. Noel, suspected by Hanna when she saw him writing on Ezra’s car window, is most likely only jealous that Aria is choosing Ezra over him. Back to the drawing board, kids.

This episode of Pretty Little Liars seemed to be about revelations and letting some secrets go. Emily finally admitted to her father that she is gay and is in a relationship with Maya. To his credit, Emily’s father took it quite well. It is too bad that Emily’s mother did not follow suit. Her mother just wants to "fix" it, as if Emily has ruined her whole life with her revelation. I always thought that Maya was so uptight and nervous about her parents due to her father’s military background, however it seems that the problem might actually be her mother. At least the girls are supportive of Emily.

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Jan 4, 2011 1:34PM EST

You mean Emily was uptight and nervous... right?

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