CASTLE “Nikki Heat” Review

Castle Season 3 Episode 11 -  Nikki Heat

CASTLE "Nikki Heat" Season 3 Episode 11 – "Nikki Heat" comes to visit everyone at the precinct, but the problem is that Castle doesn’t approve of the actress the studio has chosen to play the role. To make matters worse (at least for his delicate ego), at first the woman is much more enamored with Beckett than him. Natalie follows Beckett’s every move and hasn’t even read his book, choosing instead to base her performance on the real woman herself.

I loved how, as the episode played out, slowly their roles were reversed as Beckett began to resent having a shadow who copied her mannerisms and finished her sentences for her. Then Castle rethought his original opinion of Natalie and things went where I figured they would, with those two ending up making out. I got the shock of all shocks though when he didn’t end up sleeping with her. It was just another sign to me that he’s still totally in love with Beckett, even if he’s still trying to hide it.

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