'How I Met Your Mother' react: Did you love or loathe the final-moment twist?


Moments after How I Met Your Mother aired last night, my Twitter stream exploded with remarkably spoiler-free, angry "#HIMYM" hashtags. Normally a casual viewer of the comedy, I had no idea why everyone was in a tizzy until this morning when I finally watched the episode.

[If you, like me, tend to let HIMYM gather on your DVR for a lazy Saturday marathon, stop reading now. Spoilers ahead.] The title of the episode, "Bad News," promised a bomb and even counted down to the moment using numbers that were hidden Easter egg-style in the dialogue and the set to build extra suspense. Of course, we anticipated the blow would be related to Marshall and Lily’s fertility troubles — the main premise of last night’s episode. Not so. As the background countdown dwindled, Marshall ran outside to call his dad and tell him the good news about his test results — he and Lily were, indeed, fertile — and Lily arrived in a cab (that donned the number "001?) with some bad news. Marshall’s dad had died of a heart attack.

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