The Closer Season Finale Review: "An Ugly Game"

This short season of The Closer featured two episodes on addiction: The one wherein Flynn was attacked after an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and "An Ugly Game."

When Flynn was attacked, Brenda asked him if she could see the sign in sheet or meeting roster to help narrow down the suspect list. He had to point out to her that there is no list, as the meetings are truly anonymous.

From the Season Finale

This wasn't the first indication that Brenda is out of touch with the reality in which she is living. In a previous season, Fritz asked her to try to understand what it did to him when she came home from work every night and had wine. I don't remember the outcome of the discussion, but she has continued her practice, so if she did understand how it made him feel, she somehow managed to wriggle her way out of it or Fritz gave in; either conclusion is due to his love for her.

There are many scenes when Brenda is drinking wine in front of Fritz, even going so far as to carry the bottle around the house. Fritz opens a bottle for her when he knows she's stressed. I can only imagine this would be beyond difficult for him to do.

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