Greek Review: "Defending Your Honor"

Welcome back to CRU!

The season premiere of Greek did not disappoint. Our favorite students were back in action, showing that everyone has to grow up at some point.

On "Defending Your Honor," the seniors were graduating, making me question how the show was going to handle having some of the main characters out of college. Fortunately, the writers have found a way to keep them mostly included.

Fourth Season Premiere Pic

I am loving Rebecca as the new ZBZ president. She is going to be such a total control freak/mean girl that will be sure to cause some laughs. The exchanges with Dale were priceless, especially the catty fight after the toga party!

Rusty is such an adorable little brother. He stands up for Casey every chance he gets, even if it’s to his KT big brother. Trying to run against Cappie for president because he hurt Casey was such an awesome move. Here is hoping that Rusty settles into a good spot this season, both in the house and in a relationship.

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