Classic TV Quotes: Archer Season One

"Danger Zone."  No other show can have us laughing out loud in pain by uttering the name of a Kenny Loggins song quite like Archer.  This little FX gem that somehow averages less than a million viewers is possibly one of the funniest cartoons, nay shows on television.

Skytanic Picture

So we implore you to give this show a watch.  Hey Arrested Development fans, did we mention Jessica Walter voices the matriarch that eerily resembles Lucille Bluth and that she most likely fathered her child with a character voiced by Jeffrey Tambor?  Not enough for you Bluth fans?  How about Judy Greer as a horny secretary?

But really it's not just a re-hashed Arrested Development meets Bond.  The formula may seem done before (see Get Smart and countless other Bond spoofs), but the humor is distinctly Adam Reed and it's distinctly awesome.

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