Recap Third Watch: Season 4, Episode 20 - In Confidence

Third Watch Season 6 Episode 20 - How Do You Spell Belief?

Faith makes her request for a new partner and later finds out Emily is still hanging out with Eric. She confronts Emily and they end up at one of her counseling sessions, where Faith’s cop like tirade about what could happen to Emily prompts the counselor asks to see Faith again by herself. Faith goes to Eric’s house to ask his mother to keep him away from Emily and finds new information about what they have been doing at his house. Faith confronts Emily and tries to make her see that Eric is no good but it only deepens the divide between the two.

Carlos is back on the job with Kim, who has been seeing the journalist Noble. Kim breaks several regulations (with protests from Carlos) throughout the day trying to find a dress for an awards banquet held by the Times. At the end of the day she gets the dress and thanks Carlos for the help and he thanks Kim for sticking up for him during the investigation.

Bosco continues working with Cruz in Anti Crime they bust Kim’s new boyfriend Noble during an undercover operation. In order to get out of the arrest Noble gives them his notes for his new book, which include a Meth ring they had thought they had squashed with the arrest of animal. With Noble’s notes they find out the organization goes much deeper than they had anticipated. Noble is sent in with a wire so Anti Crime can bust the ring and almost ruins the operation trying some dope. During the conversation Noble mentions the name Buford which intrigues Cruz. Bosco can only account for three of Nobles four notebooks. Cruz tells him there were only three, and that is the end of it. After the bust Noble finds out he has to stay in a cell for the night otherwise the people busted would know that he was an informant, which means he has to miss his date with Kim and has no way to let her know what happened.

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