'Southland' 3.01 'Let It Snow' Review

Here's a way to start off a new year of TV viewing: TNT brings back the acclaimed cop drama Southland for its third season tomorrow night at 10 PM. Season three is the longest that the show has seen yet (ten episodes, up from seven in season one and eight in season two), and it's been highly anticipated (not to mention heavily promoted). Is it worth it?

You bet.

The characters haven't gone stagnant in the time between seasons; in fact, they've all got new problems to deal with. Lydia (Regina King, still criminally underrated) has a new and somewhat reckless partner, Josie Ochoa (guest star Jenny Gago). Our introduction to Josie is her taking Lydia along for the ride during a high-speed pursuit. Sammy (Shawn Hatosy) still has issues with his wife, and Cooper's (Michael Cudlitz) back is aggravating him even more. Yet as messed up as they are, that doesn't stop all of these cops from doing their jobs without complaint, a dedication most of us don't possess. That's what makes them worth watching - they may have all sorts of problems but they're still always there to help us solve ours.

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