PARENTHOOD “Damage Control” Review

Truth and consequences take center stage in the "Damage Control" episode of PARENTHOOD as Julia and Sarah must decide how much truth to tell and when to tell it and Crosby must learn about consequences so he can teach Jabbar. Meanwhile, Haddie faces some consequences of her own when her parents meet Alex.

Crosby, Jasmine, and Jabbar: It’s good to see a less than perfect Jabbar with a messy room and a bad attitude. It’s just so normal and watching Crosby take baby steps as Jasmine teaches him to discipline Jabbar is a joy, even if it means he has to hear Jabbar say "I hate you! You’re the meanest Daddy in the world!" Aww, Crosby, by staying strong, you’re now a full-fledged dad.

Joel, Julia, and Sydney: Poor sad Joel, missing his mom. I wasn’t expecting the dead bird story to go there (and coincidental timing with that one given all the dead birds in Arkansas and Louisiana), but the last Julia and Joel scene is touchingly lovely. I’m not sure Julia ignoring Joel’s wishes (again) and telling Sydney about heaven was the right thing to do, but I understand it. It’s so hard to watch a young child worry and be that upset. Of course you want to make it better any way you can. She really should listen to Joel once in a while, though.

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