'The Biggest Loser' Begins Season 11

'The Biggest Loser' Begins Season 11

Welcome to Season 11, where the contestants are beefier, Jillian makes a pledge to stop yelling, and we have silhouettes lurking around, claiming to be new trainers.  It's a brave new world out there, people!  Things are changing!  We have the biggest cast in Biggest Loser history, a new mystery location, and two new mystery trainers!  It's like a whole new show!

New Twists and Turns

This season the contestants play as couples.  What is interesting to note is that over half of the couple this season are parents and their children.  During the initial weigh-in, Bob makes a comment about this being the new norm for the typical American family, which is incredibly depressing but true.  Three minutes into the show, we already have a very perky Alison wearing a very confusing dress and talking to us about obesity rates while workout footage plays in slow-mo behind her.  (Seriously, the dress is hot pink with some kind of zipper/scarf combo at the neck.  There is also some kind of lapel going on there.  I want to know who dresses this woman, I really do.) 

Everyone shuffles into the gym.  They are all apple-cheeked and peppy, cheering and generally thrilled to be there.  Due to the workout footage I have just seen, I am simultaneously proud of their enthusiasm and terrified for them.  Why aren't they shaking in their little sneakers?

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