Cold Comfort

I think JJ returns in this episode. At the end of the last new one, Jordan said she was going to anti-terrorism. The job was too tough for her - as it would be for most everyone. So JJ may be back tonight! I’m glad. Guest starring is Cybil Shepherd, Owen Sholar (I think as the unsub as a child), and Randolf Mantooth (who was in One Life to Live and As the World Turns, among others. He is someone I know the face of but never knew the name.) Ms. Shepherd and Mr. Mantooth are Mrs. and Mr. Gless, parents of the suspect. IMBd also listed Vondie Curtis Hall, who has been in eight billion movies, as a guest star. Now, I’m not taking that as gospel fact because they did list Lola Glaudini as a guest star on season four. I just like to spread rumors, apparently. Anyway, I’ll watch and see if he’s in it.


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