Parenthood 2.11 "Damage Control" Review

Well, well, well. It seems as if the powers that be over at Parenthood have been reading my mind because the major negatives about the show were almost completely erased in the sophomore drama’s midseason return while the bountiful positives were showcased wonderfully in each of the four storylines. We got to see some long forgotten members of the family front and center (Drew actually had a storyline, this time involving his drink with Zeke in the last episode and the sensitive soul’s need for acceptance from his peers); the hardest Bravermans got to express some much needed vulnerability (Julia’s continued struggle to get pregnant, Sarah’s guilt over choosing a chemically dependent Seth to father her children, Kristina’s torment over wanting to see Haddie happy with Alex and realizing that he’s too much of a "grown-up" for her); and most importantly, due to the fact that the families were segregated for most of the hour, there wasn’t any room for the chatty bunch to talk over one another. Read More...


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