'V' Season 2, Episode 1 Recap (Season Premiere)

V - Red RainWelcome to what is likely the final season of this series. This is a shame, because 'V' showed some promise in tonight's premiere. The show has an excellent premise and a kick-ass cast, but given ABC's treatment, unless it gets some major ratings, it's likely a goner.At least we finally got to see what the aliens look like under their fake skin, literally down to the bone. While it's a fairly radical change to our invading lizards due to improvements in technology (definitely no devil tails in the last batch), it is reminiscent of their original visage from the '80s (which goes along with the retro casting of this season). They just need the whiplash tongue and the rat-eating to make it complete.

It's cool how sci-fi shows hire people from other, previous sci-fi/fantasy shows. We have Elizabeth Mitchell from 'Lost,' Morena Baccarin from 'Firefly,' Laura Vandervoort from 'Smallville' and now Bret Harrison from 'Reaper.' Of course, we also now have callbacks to the original '80s series with Jane Badler, plus an upcoming appearance by (spoiler alert) Marc Singer. It's like they know it's the last season and they're pulling out all the stops.

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