New vampire Diaries Spoilers! Will Bonnie and Jeremy Kiss? Will Caroline and Tyler Hook Up? - Wetpaint

It’s spoiler time, TVD fans!  We’ve got scoop about a Bonnie kiss, an Elena sacrifice, and a Caroline love triangle via Michael Aussiello at TV Line. Read on!

Question: What’s coming up necks on Vampire Diaries? —Krista

Ausiello: Necks. Funny. The long-awaited Bonnie-Jeremy smooch will finally be sealed in February/March. Right around the same time, Elena decides that the only way to save her family and friends is to sacrifice herself to Klaus (role still being cast).

Score one for Delena fans and Jeremy fans alike! But about Elena sacrificing herself, didn’t she decide that like, episodes ago? Yeah. We thought so. And in other news that’s not really new:

Question: Can you tell us something about how Tyler and Caroline’srelationship is going to develop on The Vampire Diaries? —Nuria

Ausiello: It’s going to develop into a (wait for it… ) triangle. And the third wheel’s name?! (Drumroll… ) Matt!

Oh really? We totally didn’t see that one coming.

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