The Visitors Revealed

This isn't your grandpa's Visitor! 

USA Today has scored the first truly detailed look at the aliens from ABC's V... a glimpse which would seem to confirm that the nasty critters walk on four legs. (And if you don't want to be spoiled on the look, click away from this page now.) 
Of course, usually the Visitors appear much nicer visually speaking -- like, Morena Baccarin nice. But this is their true form underneath their false "human" skin. 
"What I like about it is it doesn't look like any particularly recognizable species," says Baccarin, who plays the queen bee of the Visitors. "It's like a conglomeration of all these different lizard types. It even looks prehistoric. There's something like a T. rex about it, with a lizard mixed with a Komodo dragon." 

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