HUMAN TARGET “A Problem Like Maria / Communication Breakdown” Review

An extra-long episode means an extra-long review. So get comfortable people, this is gonna be a big’un.

First off, I gotta say that the first part of this two-parter was aptly named, seeing as how I found Maria a problem, too. For some reason, the moment she walked on screen I hated her just as much as Winston and Guerrero did. She didn’t really ever redeem herself in my eyes either, especially after lying to Chance and nearly getting him and the whole rest of the team killed. In the end, I was very glad to see her get on that chopper.

Having the episode end with Chance and Ilsa in a huge argument, talking about splitting up the partnership, only to have the plane shot down so that they are stuck out on their own, was great. Plus blinding Chance so he’d have to depend on Ilsa? Perfect.

Meanwhile, in part two, Winston and Guerrero are stuck dealing with a problem without Chance around. It’s not the first time the two of them have had to do it and most of the fun for me was watching them bicker through it all, just like they had apparently done many times before. I also loved that they each thought the other had saved their life when it was really Chance. Their reactions when they found out the truth were hilarious.

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