THE MIDDLE “Taking Back the House” Review

Frankie and Mike try to start a revolution in the "Taking Back the House" episode of THE MIDDLE as they (temporarily) put themselves before the kids.

This is a hilariously fun episode, but let’s deal with the most important thing first–Sue’s sweatshirt is off! It may or may not have walked away from her on its own, but the important thing is that Sue the caterpillar has shed her bright yellow cocoon.

I’m not a parent, so I have to ask any of you who are: would you really postpone going to the bathroom if your kids whined? Seriously? I love the montage of sacrifices Frankie and Mike make for their kids from the Chinese chicken salad from the taco place down to Frank all folded up watching a small TV so the kids can watch Wizards of Waverly Place. Hee! Who can blame them for wanting to take back their house–and lives? Of course, you also had to know it would be a failed experiment, but at least they got a night of a Little River Band cover band and dollar wings out of it.

Best terrible interpretation of "The Giving Tree" ever. Mike and Frankie will now always be stumps to me. Axl, Sue, and Brick’s utter confusion is pitch perfect and so funny. I love having the three kids banding together–they have a great chemistry and their separate oddities mesh so well. It’s also fun to see Frankie–with her Snuggie–and Mike so happy. "We kissed–on a Tuesday!"

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