'Top Chef' recap: Dim Sum No-Go-Go

Top Chef episodes are usually filled with warp-speed cooking and just the right amount of mayhem. But between Tom showing off in the kitchen and the angry dim sum-ers literally grabbing food off plates, last night's installment was particularly dizzying. And why, oh why did Padma have to wear that striped top? Sensory overkill!

Perhaps fed up with how much praise other culinary super star guest judges get (see: David Chang), Tom rolled up his own sleeves for the Quickfire. His task was to cook a dish as fast as he could so the cheftestants could then prepare a dish of their choice in that same amount of time. The cheftestants ooh-ed and ahh-ed over Tommy boy's organizational skills, and it's true, the man is still a force in the kitchen -- pots and Padma be damned! Thanks in part to Mike's figurative fist pump ("like Jersey Shore back in the day, chef!") Tom plated his sea bass in 8 minutes and 37 seconds. Richard said it takes that long for him to make a peanut butter sandwich, which I sincerely hope was a joke. Jamie, on the other hand, said she's fast, which I suspect was more of a cheeky sexual commentary than a culinary one.

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