People's Choice Awards: The most awkward moments (and the winners)


No one will ever sum up what’s wrong with the People’s Choice Awards better than my former colleague Whitney Pastorek, who penned the 2009 dissertation "You showed up? Here’s a trophy!" But here’s what I’d like to add: If you truly want to do an awards show for "the people," don’t spend two hours selling us projects and products (that I refuse to mention) in thinly-veiled embedded promotions, and don’t keep referring to us as "the people." You are people, too, the last time I checked. It comes off condescending. Also, if Taylor Swift isn’t even trying to pretend she didn’t know she was a winner, then I promise you everyone realizes the stars are told who won ahead of time. And I understand that: The stars don’t want to piss "the people" off by looking like they can’t be bothered to accept an award from them, but there’s no way they’re going to show up to get stiffed by them.

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