Modern Family 2.11 "Slow Down Your Neighbors" Review

This week's episode, "Slow Down Your Neighbors," was one of the series's themeless episode, but unlike similarly structured episodes, I thought this one worked pretty well.  Of the three plots (Mitchell and Cameron have a new, hot, Zen-practicing neighbor; Jay teaches Gloria how to ride a bike; Claire fights the fast-driving scourge of the neighborhood who happens to be Phil's client), I thought the Cameron and Mitchell story worked the best.  Modern Family has had a number of guest stars over its year and a half run, almost all of whom have clicked (really, only Ed Norton didn't really work for me, and it wasn't his performance, but rather the character that felt off).  James Marsden as Barry the new neighbor may have been the best to date.  Now, I will fully admit to being a Marsden fan -- hell, I even saw 27 Dresses because he was in it -- but I thought he knocked it out of the park.  His nice turn from Zen to completely nutso was perfectly played, and it gave Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet some great material to play off.  I'm not sure there would be a reason to see him in a future episode, but if the writers can think of something, I'd be happy to see Barry again. Read more...


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