Do Rehab Shows Take Advantage of Their Subjects?

'Celebrity Rehab'We'd like to think that when we watch shows like 'Intervention' or 'Celebrity Rehab,' we're seeing people better their lives through the help and support of addiction professionals. But according to some people in the rehabilitation field, the reality shows might be doing more harm than good for their subjects.In an interesting feature on rehab shows that ran this weekend in the Los Angeles Times, Dr. David Sack of Malibu's Promises Treatment Center said he worries that the shows take advantage of people in their most vulnerable, altered states."Our concern is that people who are in the throes of an addiction should not be signing a release for something that will be shown on TV over and over," he said.

Leif Garrett, a participant in the current season of VH1's 'Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew,' told the Times that the 'Celebrity Rehab' crew coerced him into using heroin on-camera after living clean for four days. "They asked to get some footage of me using, and I said, 'I haven't been using,'" he told the paper. "They said, 'We really have to get footage of you using.' Anyway, I was easily talked into showing them."

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