'Human Target' 2.07 'A Problem Like Maria' Recap and Review

Human Target

The beginning of this episode sounds like a bad joke: Christopher Chance is in a bar.

He's being flirted with by a clueless young woman (not that I can blame her, because Mark Valley is ridiculously good-looking) when his old flame Maria (last seen being left behind in Season 1's "Salvage & Reclamation") appears seemingly out of nowhere. I was not thrilled to meet her then, and I'm not really thrilled to see her again now. She's sweet on Chance, but about as subtle as a hammer.

Meanwhile, Ilsa is throwing another fit because Chance hasn't turned up for a scheduled business meeting for which even Guerrero is present (although he has someone waiting in his trunk). Winston informs her that Chance doesn't consider her his boss, more like a business partner. She ignores that and talks about how their methods have exposed her new foundation to lawsuits, so she's decided to create a subsidiary allowing them to do whatever they want without her reputation being besmirched.

Back at the bar, Chance confronts Maria about why she'sreally there, especially since he's spotted a black SUV and an unsavory-looking guy who turned up about the same time she did. He gets her to admit that she's arrived because she's in trouble, and proceeds to help her out of it by shooting up the bar. Not that it stops him from making out with her again, which causes me to smash my forehead into the keyboard. Really? He should know by now that she almost seems to enjoy manipulating him, and he's still making eyes at her?

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