What Can We Expect To See In Season 4 Of 'Californication'?

Californication Season 4

So, "Californication" is returning soon, and everyone’s favorite blind-in-one-eye leading man David Duchovny reprises his role as the perpetually creatively-blocked novelist Hank Moody. And I bet you real money he’s going to be having sex with people this season. Lots of sex. That he’ll feel bad about later.

Actually, that’s the entirety of "Californication." Hank Moody has sex, feels bad about it later, then does it again. But gosh if he isn’t just so darn loveable.

I know the show is about that cycle. I know the show is supposed to be about how Hank Moody is a sex addict, and how he’s trying to combat this by doing…actually, he’s doing absolutely nothing. I mean, all the press and materials for the show depict Hank as a sex addict, but it’s never blatant in the actual show. And outside of a brief couple of episodes in season 3, he doesn’t try bettering himself in any way shape or form, either. So instead Hank just seems really horny.

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