Who Knew Darkness Could Be So 'Biutiful'


Right off the bat I’m going to say Biutiful is a film that’ll emotionally challenge each and every single person who watches it. This film stood with me for a few days after screening it, and as I embarked on a journey which questioned how millions of us may live in this world, Bardem’s character of Uxbal defines it to the core. Fully displaying darkness within darkness, Biutiful provides the will to live for the purpose of fighting the good fight is always decided based on passion, drive, and a mindset of taking on any challenge.

Alejandro González Iñárritu's latest film "Biutiful" takes a darkened way of life and, through flawless filmmaking and a great acting, deliver a stunning film. This depressingly dark Spanish film traces Uxbal (Javier Bardem), a single father who coordinates work for illegal immigrants from Africa and Asia for a cut of their pay. The work he finds them is under the table and exploitative, but it's all that's available and he makes the most of it. He lives modestly in a small apartment taking care of his young daughter and son while his estranged drug-haunted wife works as a masseuse and experiences battles with psychotic fits thanks to her bipolar disorder. A life Uxbal has struggled to make work begins to crumble when he is diagnosed with prostate cancer and is given only a short amount of time to live. All of a sudden, he must set his priorities straight, generate work for the immigrants and someone to take care of his children once he passes. It's a draining task and one that takes Uxbal to the edge of (in)sanity, causing uncontrollable hallucinations, insomnia and overwhelming stress with the lives of so many people in his dying hands, it’s unbearable for him to comprehend and accept.

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