PRIVATE PRACTICE “If You Don’t Know Me By Now” Review

PRIVATE PRACTICE "If You Don’t Know Me By Now" Season 4 Episode 11 – In this episode Pete and Amelia disagree on how to treat a patient with a brain injury and making things more complicated, the man has a wife and a girlfriend who also disagree on his treatment. Violet has written a book about her experiences being attacked by a crazed woman who stole her child and Pete wonders if she realizes what it will do to her life. Something I bet all authors of person books go through. Addison is trying to do everything she can to help her Bizzy’s lover, though I couldn’t tell if it was more about trying to save a life or please her mother.

Meanwhile, the show continues to keep the aftermath of Charlotte’s rape very real by showing what it’s like when a victim wants to return to a normal sex life. Watching her try with Coop but unable to control her tears broke my heart (dang, she’s done that a lot to me this season). Later Charlotte takes over and initiates it herself but it’s Coop who backs off. In the end, they don’t do it but they do the next best thing – they laugh about it and eat chicken together.

I am still very happy with how they are handling this whole storyline, in fact sometimes I feel like I could watch just Coop and Charlotte for the entire hour. Read More...


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