'Grey's Anatomy' recap: Saving Lives

What a surprisingly happy episode — for an episode about a mass shooting at a local college. Lives were saved (I wonder if anyGrey’s Anatomy episode before this boasted a 100-percent success rate for all featured surgeries), relationships were repaired. There was even a wedding! Poor Arizona, just back from Malawi, was the only one who failed at her main objectives — winning Callie back and getting her job back.

We began the day with lots of couples happily in bed together, an auspicious sign, and with Teddy executing her marriage-for-insurance to Scott Foley. A lot to handle before going in to work in the morning, but as all of our docs rolled into Seattle Grace, Cristina, still free-spirited and unemployed, asked a cyclist for directions to the Space Needle. (Nice nod to her previous workaholism.) The minute she saw those ambulances rushing by, however, we knew she would end the day still not having visited her city’s most famous landmark. Read More....



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