'The Big Bang Theory' recap: Like Old Times

For long stretches of last night's episode of The Big Bang Theory, you could be forgiven for wondering if CBS was rebroadcasting an ep from the first or second season that you'd somehow never seen. No Amy Farrah Fowler. No Bernadette. Sheldon behaving at peak comic obnoxiousness; Leonard behaving at peak slow-burn exasperation. A plot heavy on geeky, esoteric science. A strong emphasis on Penny's disinterest in said science, and great interest in anything shoe-related. And Howard and Raj popping in for a few quick-hit comic scenes bracketing the main story. Kaley Cuoco's barely perceptible limp betrayed the fact that the episode does indeed date from this season. But if it weren't for Penny's almost saintly season-four-esque patience with managing Sheldon's persnickety nature, I'd strongly suspect "The Bus Pants Utilization" was borne from an un-produced season 2 script and a last-minute, holiday-season panic for new material. Read More...



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