Cougar Town 2.11 "No Reason To Cry" Review

I have to admit if there was one series that I absolutely missed over the holidays, it was Cougar Town. These people are just wonderful and I want to have as much of them in my life as possible. Therefore, even though "No Reason To Cry" is far from the best episode the series has had to offer this season, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud constantly because Andy, Ellie, Bobby, Laurie and company were back.

And really, it’s kind of fitting that "No Reason To Cry" is just a B to B-plus episode. It’s a nice, quick reintroduction to the series characters for the few randoms who might have been trying the series for the first time ever and features a few fun running gags and a mostly successful story at the center that makes the series appear to be about a little something more than drinking. None of these elements are overly great, but they’re charming and in the case of the story with Jules and Grayson, fairly emotionally satisfying. "No Reason To Cry" is just an enjoyable episode of television. Nothing major to complain about, but not a whole lot major to praise either. Read More...


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