CSI Review: "Man Up"

The first CSI episode of 2011 wasn't the invigorating return it should have been. Instead, "Man Up" was simply a fairly average affair with few surprises.

The story was slightly intriguing at the start, with the investigation of an online photo that was thought to be a hoax turning out to be a real murder. But there weren't a lot of twists and turns to the mystery.

I was certain that Carrot Top's appearance was going to be over the top and annoying. Fortunately it mostly subdued and even a bit humorous. Though I would like to request some brain bleach to help me wash away the idea of the comedian dressed only his boxer shorts and hogtied in the back of limo.

While the writers did take time to admit it was a sight no one would want to see, it's still an image I may never get out of my head.

Did anyone else notice Mandy Webster's sudden "stylish" new look? Read More....



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